Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Booty Boo-Boo

I will be going to Physical Therapy soon for my coccyx. It's an old injury to my tail bone that has become inflamed. It's been bothering me for nearly a year now. IT HURTS SO MUCH!!! The first time I went to my Doctor for it, she gave me a shot and things felt better for awhile.

Then a few months later it flared back up again, so I went back in for my sore booty. Now the shot doesn't diminishing the pain... so I am going to Physical Therapy!

I experience a wave of nauseating pain just pulling my jeans over my butt, so I think I'll go buy some more skirts! ;) I also got one of those "hemorrhoid doughnuts" so I can sit and sleep. I also use "the ring" on my bike so I can keep active.

When I said I used the ring to keep biking my doctor was very impressed with my "dedication." But my "dedication" actually stems from past failure.

Back in 2004 my weight loss was totally stopped (it was even thrown in reverse) for months after I damaged the cartilage in my knee. I was supposed to have surgery on my torn meniscus, but due a lapse in my medical insurance while I changed jobs... I never got it done.

I was not able to workout for months while I recovered from that injury, but this time, I am determined to maintain my weight while I get over this physical injury. :)

I'll keep you all posted!

Take care!


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