Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"I Wish Someone Would Do Something About How Fat I Am"

The title of this post is from a t-shirt I saw in “The Onion.”

This shirt pokes fun at the idea that people don’t take responsibility for their own health.

Even though it is supposed to be "funny," it really hit home with me. For so many years I just WISHED I weighed less, but I never did anything more than that.

“God! I wish I was thinner! SIGH! (Mope, mope, eat more junk food…)”

I even hoped I’d be in a horrible accident, and get sent into a coma, so I could just “wake up thin” months later. But for all my wishes… I just stayed fat, waiting for a miracle to happen -
while feeling sorry for myself and eating Little Debbie Snack Cakes™. :-6

Ultimately, you are the only one who can do something about how fat you are. Suing the food industry or banning “Trans Fats” in restaurants will not automatically make you become healthier. You still need to LIVE a healthy life.

Accepting that responsibility and taking care of your body is really hard work! It takes time and practice to "rewire your brain" to live a healthy life, but it is so worth it.

I give lots of advice on how to "trick" yourself into being healthier. ;) I hope it helps!

In a previous post, I said I was working on the mental aspect of weight loss. Locating my "triggers." Boy! Did I find a doozy!

Dessert. In my mind I still had the childhood link that "Dessert is a reward." You know, like "Eat all your vegetables and you'll get a COOKIE!"


But I also link eating dessert to the "Desserts make you fat!"

Why did I eat those COOKIES?!?! :-(

Lots of people have this. Eating sweets gives you that instantly gratifying rush of sugar! Then you crash and hate yourself for "blowing your diet." Next thing you know you're heading back to the comforting arms of chocolate- again. ARGH!!!

When you try limiting your sweets - then feels like a "punishment" because you still have that "Good Girl gets COOKIE!" mentality!!! It's like you can't WIN!

So I have been working very hard the last month or so to break the "Sweets are a Reward" link. New mantra: Food is just the fuel my body needs to run. It does not make me good or bad.

I think it is starting to sink in! ;-)

Take Care!


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Lynn / vigilant20 said...

I wish someone had explained this to me with kitties when I was younger, I'm sure I would have understood then :)

That's an awesome tip. Using dessert as a reward is a dangerous thing to do...I wish society didn't see it as the norm after each meal...I always thought that WAS moderation!