Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Flying out of Dallas Tomorrow

We'll see how I did in Texas soon! I think I did okay, but I am so SORE and TIRED from working such crazy hours in the Hospital, and getting barely any sleep. It sucks. I know that sleep is important to good health too, and I am suffering. I will try out the Hotel's Workout facillities tonight! Should be FUN! :) I hope it stops raining so I can swim! :) (The pool is outside. :)

I think I might have the hang of this "Staying fit while on Business travel" thing... maybe.
All I know is my "skinny jeans" still zip up on day 5... and that RULES! :-D


JamesRC said...


Yes, because you wouldn't want to swim in the rain. You might get wet.


Jess said...


Well the pool was really small and full of kids, so swimming laps, wasn't really an option. I did however do 40 minutes on the eliptical trainer for 280 calories, and an average heart rate of 150 bpm, at least that is what the screen said. :)

I came back from Texas the same weight or LESS than I did when I left. I will be making a entry about this soon. YE-HAW!

This is the FIRST business trip I went on that I did not blimp up on!! :-D Yea!!!