Saturday, April 28, 2007

New Reward is on the way!

Last night we ordered my latest reward from!

AI YORI AOSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Complete Box Set!)

I think I have GUSHED about how much I love this Anime before! It is a super cute lovely tale of a guy and a girl that are perfectly in love each other but have to keep it a secret. (Shhh! ;)

As Children Kaoru and Aoi were engaged and the plan was for Kaoru to take over the Family Businesses. However... after years of abuse from his grandfather, Kaoru leaves and breaks all ties to his family. This leaves Aoi without a finance! (The marriage was more like a business deal to join the companies.) But Aoi can love no other! She has spent her whole life wanting to be his wife, and is willing to leave her powerful family to be with him. Aw! :)

Then things get complicated when they try to live together under the guise of a Landlady, and tenant... and lots of cute girls keep moving in that all have crushes on Kaoru! So they have to hide their affection for each other, PLUS Kaoru has to fight off the advances of at least 4 other women! Too Cute!

I got this reward for making a psychological goal.
"Learn to Recognize Real Hunger VS. Cravings."

I've been so good about realizing that I don't "NEED" chocolate, ice cream, or whatever my mind is screaming "GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!" Like a toddler being dragged from the toy aisle.

When I think of my cravings like that... it's been easier to stop them. I got my reward for being a "good girl" and not whining for treats.

Now I don't have guilt when I have sweets because I know "The Adults" are in charge. ;)




Jess said...

Dear Jess:

This 8months I've been reading your blog I wonder why is this anime so exciting for you. Now I know!!! Thanks for sharing, and congrats on the good job. If this DVD is coming, it means you've done a great job, 2 weeks in a row of something like that. You're now so close to your goal... I wonder if you have some plan to do when you get there? Is there some SUPER ULTRA BRIBERY for you at the end? I have mine.... it is a whole SPA weekend. Just 12 pounds away...

Jess said...

Hey Jess!

Wow! Congrats on being just 12 pounds away from your ultimate goal! A Spa Weekends Sounds so nice!! :)

I haven't really thought of an "ÜBER ULTIMATE REWARD" because I don't think of this as something that ends...

I've never really had a goal weight or goal size to reach. I just wanted to be as healthy as possible. That takes a lifetime commitment. :)

I guess living a long healthy life is a great reward in itself! :)

J said...

Woo! A fellow anime fan. By the way, I've just started a weight loss blog of my own.

I found that just trying to eat better wasn't motivating me to actually eat better, so I figured that if I posted everything I ate online and kept track that way, it would give me motivation to actually east less, since the world would see if I weren't.

If you're interested in seeing that blog (I'm only on day 3) you can go here:

And speaking of anime, I have my own blog for that too, if you're interested: