Saturday, April 21, 2007

Texas Bound and....

I will be heading to Texas for work May 4th - 10th.

Business travel means eating out every meal... and that is never easy on the waistline. :) But I think that I will do all right! I am pretty much in "maintenance mode" now. I'm excited about it! My first "Go-Live" in a Hospital!

OH! Cool stuff!

I helped make a movie this weekend for a 48 hour Film Project! It was so much fun!! The movie should be up on youtube later this week and I will post a link.

How 48 hour Film Project Works:
7 PM on Friday night - We are given our movies criteria.
1.) Our Movie had to be a "Road Trip."
2.) Our Movie had to have the prop "Christmas Lights"
3.) Our Movie had to have the character "Ray Roberts - A Handy Man"
4.) Our Movie had to contain the line, "That was smooth as butter."

We instantly started brainstorming and kept coming up with cool ideas until about 10.
At 10 PM the script writers broke to take the ideas and make them into a movie! They labored through the night. I think they finished the script at around 3:30 AM...

9 AM on Saturday we all got back together to film it! It was lots of fun! We did most of the filming by London / Kroghville! My character had no lines but did one of the most dangerous "stunts" in the film! ;) I don't want to spoil it for you, in case you want to see it. :)

This is the second movie that I've been in. I should look or the file off the other one, maybe stick that on the youtube ;)

Well the cat is now sitting on the keyboard, so I have obviously spent enough time on the computer! ;)

Take Care!


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