Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My New "Toy"

As you may remember, I was in Physical Therapy for my tailbone a few months ago. I had been using a stationary bike for the majority of my exercise… but with my broken bootie, I couldn’t use it!

My therapist recommended I try swimming, or an elliptical trainer for aerobic exercise because of my bad tailbone, and “crunchy knees.”

I have very sensitive skin, so spending hours each week in a pool was not a viable option… and I did not want to join a gym, just to stand in line waiting for the ONE piece of equipment I can comfortably use… So we decided to save up to buy a really good elliptical trainer for our home.

While we researched machines and saved up, I gained about 7 pounds with my restricted exercise regimen. I did a lot of weight training, but no cardio. I gained about 1 ½ pounds each month. I’m pretty sure most of it was muscle, and tried not to get alarmed as my weight climbed.

Memorial Day Weekend we drove down to Loves Park, IL to shop for an elliptical trainer! I fell in love with the Precor EFX 5.21i. Precor invented the elliptical trainer, and had over 250 patients on their machine, and wow, could I feel a difference!

It was delivered and assembled on 5/31/07, and I’ve used it nearly every day since then! :)

I’ve dropped half a pound, and WOW, does that feels so good! ;-)


AM Weight - 153.75

Exercise - Elliptical Trainer, Heart Rate Program
48:00 min, 447.7 cal, 5638 Strides, 3.93mi

110 Fat Free Yogurt
55 ¼ c. All-Bran Buds

AM Snack
180 Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars

240 2 slices 12 Grain - Whole Grain Bread
80 4 slices Natural Turkey Lunchmeat
35 1 wedge Laughing Cow Light Original Swiss Cheese
10 Lettuce

PM Snack
140 Banana

700 total calories so far today.

I haven’t heard anything back from People yet.




Adria said...

I have never liked elliptical trainers (I think they're tough!) but your post has me intrigued.

Anonymous said...

Hello -

I think you will see great changes from using the elliptical trainer.

If you want to know your body fat percentage by a scale by Tanita -they are inexpense and tell your weight and BF %. That way when you are heavy you know it is just water or may even be muscle. There is a downside sometimes a loose a couple lbs but the body fat % increases.

Alicia said...

I love elliptical trainers, just like running but without all the pounding. Enjoy :-)

AGirlWorthLosing said...

Elliptical trainers are my favorite! That is the only machine I like at the gym! I am glad you have one...they are fun!!

Trainer said...

You made a good choice. Precor is one of the best choices available. and it has a very good motion. Hope you reach your goals fast. Just keep up the routine. you could watch a Dvd while you are on your elliptical . by the tie you finish it you ll have a pretty good workout.