Friday, June 15, 2007

Tough Times Ahead

I was sick on Monday and Tuesday with that same recurring throat aliment. I feel a painful tightness or a “catch” when I swallow, speak, yawn, or even turn my head the wrong way. Last month it was diagnosed as GERD, but after a month of a restricted diet, and taking medication… It’s still there!! So my doctor sent me to a specialist.

The specialist x-rayed me eating barium-laced pudding and cookies. (Fun, fun...) But they still don’t know what’s wrong! Argh! On the plus side though, they did conclude that what is wrong with me is not GERD! Yeah! Spicy food here I come!! Oh! And I CAN EAT CHOCOLATE AGAIN!!!! Hallelujah!

Even with the “Welcome back chocolate” celebration I had, I am down another quarter pound. I was 153.50 pounds this morning! That’s 3/4 pounds gone in June so far! :-D But now things are going to get tough!

This Saturday is a big Family Reunion POTLUCK. You know, Grandma’s extra special homemade baked beans, potato salad, “Death by Chocolate”… Too much food that tastes way too good. It is going to be hard!

After the Potluck, Aaron and I are going on a “dinner-and-a-movie” date because I’m going on another week long business trip starting Sunday.

Next week I will be eating every meal at a restaurant. (Plus, the stress of traveling, and working 13+ hours in a healthcare setting...)

Last business trip I was able to come back the same weight as I left! Hopefully I will be just as successful this trip. I will be vigilant with my meals, and make time to do something healthy no matter how “tired” I am.

AM Weight 153.50

47:39 min, 4.05 mi, 470.1 cal, 6436 strides


Lynn / vigilant20 said...

The best thing in the world you can be is vigilant. I know. hehe. I'm glad you are off the restricted diet...sounded boring!

AGirlWorthLosing said...

Hope they figure out what is wrong soon! Glad to know its not GERD. Have a wonderful trip. I am about to go to the Keys and am afriad of the food trails there. Take care.

Roni said...

I've been luking for awhile. Just wanted to say have fun on your trip and you are amazing!