Sunday, June 24, 2007

Period + Trip = Not Good :(

Last Sunday I was in a car at this time riding down to Urban, IL for work.

I worked there Monday and Tuesday from 5 AM to 6 PM in the Hospital supporting the nursing staff.

Wednesday was another travel day, driving the 4 hours back to Wisconsin, then flying out to
Philadelphia! Thursday and Friday I worked at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Then yesterday, I finally got to fly home!!

It's been a busy week. I did not take time to really "exercise" because I was running around hospitals and through airports, etc... The majority of my meals this week were in hospital cafeterias. It was so hard to eat healthy. On top of all that - my period started at 12:45 AM (EDT) Friday Morning. AGH!

I hope this doesn't sound too whiny or that I am making excuses... but I just feel so over whelmed by it all.

I was 156.50 this morning... Last time I posted my weight here it was 153.50. That's three pounds this trip and my period added to me. Which isn't really that bad. Nearly typical for this time of the month.

I'll get to work on burning it off again, but it feels like I never get anywhere. There is always something that comes along and throws a wrench in my works.

I will be able to eat healthy this week and get back into my usual routine!

I just need to remind myself that even though I gained three pounds since the 15th, I still have over 130+ pounds that I have kept off for good. It's just these last 10 keep finding a way to come back! ;)



5 comments: said...

Amen, sister! I admire how you are able to keep moving forward, which means that sometimes life interferes with the weight loss, but at the same time, you don't let the weight loss interfer with you living a great life!

Steady as she goes.

Lesley said...

Jessica, I am so glad I found your blog! You are an awesome inspiration; keep up the good work. I have been struggling with my weight since I was a teenager (I just turned 33 last week). After my 2nd daughter was born (6 years ago), I gained 60 pounds & have been trying to lose it ever since -- just to get back to the "heavy" weight I was before children. I have been drinking water & changing what I eat for the last month ... I've lost 12 pounds. Thank you for all your thoughts on weight loss & your journey. This month has been soooo hard, but I feel encouraged now to keep going. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Lesley in Tennessee.

Canadian Gal said...

Yes, keep looking at the positives! :o) That is my plan of action this time.

My daughter was born at C.H.O.P., I was a patient at H.U.P. Philly was our American home for 3 months.

Kim said...

Just recently found your blog - have been reading the archives. Congrats on the weight loss and thanks for the inspiration!

teachnfool said...

Jessica, a friend had sent me your blog after I had expressed having some issues with my weight loss. I have done weight watchers in the past and had some success but of course when I stopped the meetings, the weight slowly came back. I have been actively watching what I eat and exercising for two weeks now but have had to make a trip to Ohio to help take care of my mother (with the help of Hospice). This trip has not done my plan much good and I have seen a gain of almost a pound a day. I am still being pretty diligent with what goes in the mouth but I haven't been able to exercise like I was. It is very frustrating to sacrifice the fatty foods and not reap any results. Any suggestions? You can visit my blog at
Hope to hear from you.