Monday, October 1, 2007

Being positive through Injuries and Setbacks

I had all of my wisdom teeth extracted last Friday. Ow. I've been in a medicated haze since then. I have not been working out, and my "diet" has mainly been chocolate ice cream. I also have an appointment to see an orthopedic doctor next Monday about my bad knees. Surgery is likely for my torn cartilage (meniscus).

It is so hard to get healthy and stay healthy when your body is falling apart!!

Over the years, I’ve had lots of injuries and setbacks that hampered my weight loss goals. Eventually I recover, but it takes a long time, and it can be so frustrating!! Now is one of those “down” times, and I am trying not to get depressed. Sometimes, I feel like a failure even though I know I shouldn’t. It is easier for me to beat myself up for gaining 5 pounds than to feel proud of the other 130+ I’ve kept off!! I keep trying to cheer myself up with “The People Magazine Thing”, but that is not “confirmed.” And each pound gained makes me more paranoid of appearing in a National Magazine as a weight loss example! Things will be okay, and I will turn things around once I am healed.

Another thing that should make me happy: I am going to be in the 2008 Honors Edition of Cambridge’s “Who’s Who of Professional and Executive Women”!!!! Actually, I am really excited about that. It will look great on my résumé! I am not looking for a new job though. I really love my job! (I just got a raise!) But in my “dream world” – I’d work as a motivational speaker, touring all around the world! Funny how I just blogged about how I feel like a “failure,” yet I want to be a motivational speaker! Oh, how I love the irony!

But honestly, wouldn’t that be more motivating? Knowing that a *real* person, like you, was able to do it? It would be great to get motivating talk from someone who doesn’t have that “fake-smile, hyper-perky” B.S. personality most “guest lecturers” have! ;) I could really see myself as that person but I guess in a way, I’m already *that person* with this site, and that makes me happy!!! :-D


Lynn / vigilant20 said...

Awww get better soon! And congrats on the fancy award.

Jess said...

Dear Jess:

Sorry to read you feel that way. What works for me in this periods is crying, and then ask for a tight hug. There is nothing wrong in feeling sad. Sickness and body pain, of course make us feel "a failure".

I also find peace in cleaning my closet, my books, desk, etc... "As it is inside, it is outside". Having things fixed outside, help me to restore myself.

Meditation and music also helps, and a slow walk in the street.

Receive a BIG HUG! Hope your mood gets better soon.

Jess from Mexico said...

Having only "heard" you online, I'm sure you would be a wonderful speaker. I know you're motivational to me!

Of course, if you have a sqeeky, "nails on a chalkboard" voice...but I'm sure you must not! LOL

Crazy4Chocolate said...

ooh ouch - I remember the pain and misery of that week following getting my wisdom teeth out! At least you know you won't ever have to go through that again!

Amanda said...

ohhh I am in a down time right now :( just wrote about it on my blog... I just had surgery and I am feeling like a failure for not being able to do things normally... I am way too hard on myself. Thanks for cheering me up and hitting me with a does of reality. :)

Tabatha said...

you are that motivational speaker! I found your website a year ago and it has seen me through lots of unmotivated and motivated times! and i can't thank you enough for it!! :) good luck and keep plugging away you are amazing!!

Ellen said...


Just wanted to echo what the others have said. I've lost nearly 100 pounds (97 and counting) since Jan 06, and what convinced me to get going was finding your website. Knowing that yes, another ordinary person had done it - without pills, surgery, and all on her own - was what convinced me to make changes in my own life. Because before that, I was convinced that fat was my fate and nothing I could do would change that. Thanks so much for all you've done. You're amazing! I struggle with maintaining and gaining and losing the same five pounds over and over too. Don't give up!