Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Knee Update

Yesterday was my knee appointment with Dr. Timothy J. Docter, MD. (Yes. My Doctor is Dr. Docter. Try not to sing the song...)

I had to arrive early so they could take some x-rays. They took SOOooo many x-rays. (7!)

Then Dr. Docter came in to examine me.

“Can you straighten your leg for me.”


“Alright, let’s schedule your surgery!”

Seriously, it was that fast!

My right knee will have arthroscopic surgery on Nov. 8th. There is an 80% chance of improvement, and I’ll take those odds!!! If all goes well, I will get my left knee done once my right is recovered.

Last night I biked for a bit. I can’t do resistance higher than 3 without my knee acting up, and also my pace can't exceed 12 mph without pain. :-(

It will be tough the next few months. I am worried about my limited activity and the Holidays... but in the long run, I know that I will be healthier! Soon as my knees are better I'll be able to be fully active again! :-D




Anonymous said...

Hi Jess -

Get your story out to the people anyway you can.

I don't think a lot of people realize carrying extra weight can injure a body.

That is why you require knee surgery, no? Funny how this happens after you get the weight off? Why? More exercise causing it?

Jess said...


lizzy said...

Jessica, have you thought about swimming or Water Aerobics until you are able to do more high-impact sports.

I took up water aerobics for a few months when recovering from a bad accident, and it was pretty awesome (toning and cardio at the same time!)

Anyway, good luck with your surgery.

You are an inspiration to me and my health.

Jess said...

Water Aerobics! I had not thought of that. I bet it would work really well. I'll have to look around town for a class, and see if it can if into our budget. :)

Lizzy C said...

Oh, and you might be able to get your insurance to cover the cost of the pool and classes as therapy. Talk to your doctor. I had mine paid for.

And regardless, not sure about where you live but our local community pool charges 5 dollars per class which is totally doable for my measly budget.

Anyway, take care, good luck with the surgery and keep us posted.

Lizzy C. (From Portland, Oregon)