Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Knee... Works!

Holy Cow!!! I can go up stairs and it doesn't hurt!!!

Not only is there no post-operative pain - I no longer have the original pain of my crappy knee!!! It doesn't hurt anymore. It also no longer sound like twisting bubble wrap. (Pop-pa-pop-pop-pa-pop-pop-pop)

I'm thrilled by how well my knee is doing and how quickly I'm getting better!!!! I was able to do 2 miles on my elliptical trainer the other day on the lowest resistance and incline. I went slow, and it took me about 35 minutes. I might do it again on Thursday or Friday. I don't want to do too much. :)

The success I've had with this surgery makes me look forward to getting the left knee done too... Although I might wait until after winter... Crutches + Ice & Snow.... Um, no thanks. ;) Plus, I don't have anymore time to take off work this year! ;)


Oh, and speaking of work, someone brought in chocolate cake today... Evil. I am avoiding that whole side of the building today. Out of sight, out of mouth. ;) My sugar recovery is going well, but I don't want to be tempted.

For breakfast, I've been eating plain oatmeal with chopped nuts. Snacks are low-fat plain yogurt and grape-nuts, or a banana. Lunch is a south beach diet/living meal, and dinner is something healthy I cook up. :) I am reading labels like crazy to make sure I'm not getting hidden sugars. Fruits are the only sweets I have. I always ate whole grains, so I don't have any "white bread" or potatoes to avoid.

However, I plan to go out every couple of weeks to get a high quality dessert. This will keep me from feeling deprived, and more likely to stick with it! Going out also keeps the "danger foods" out of our place. I can't binge eat a whole pint of ice cream if there isn't any in our freezer.



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Jess said...

Dear Tocaya:

Great to read those amazing news on your knee!!

Your sugar insight really hit me!!

Thanks for sharing this.. it makes me wonder how long have i been a SUGAR ADDICT....