Friday, July 18, 2008

Exciting weigh-in

I got on the scale today and went, "Good Lord, Is that Right?"

I lost 2 pounds this week!  

I have been plateaued or gaining weight for half a year, and to FINALLY see my weight go down... This was a triumph. (o/~ I'm being so sincere right now.  Even though you broke my heart and killed me.  o/~  - Lyrics from: Glados - Still Alive.) 

I was not expecting that result because Aaron and I went out for Pizza at Old Chicago on Tuesday.  Looks like that one "feast day" was okay.  :)

I look forward to putting my weight into my spreadsheet at work where I have tracked my weight since about June 2004.  

I hope the line-graph of my weight will finally STOP looking like the letter "U" and go back to looking like the letter "L"!   

Well it will be more of a "fancy" letter "L."

Like this:   \.-._

It's ALMOST the WEEKEND!!!!!!!!

I think I'll go out tonight and sing karaoke, dance and drink ice water all night long!

Take Care, 



LessJess Video Blog #2 - Update

Title: " Taking It Slow in a World of Instant Gratification."

I have edited my second video blog together,  but I still have not got the music from Moby yet. Apparently, there are some "technical difficulties."   Hopefully they will be taken care of soon. :)

I hope to have it up before Monday. *Knock on Wood*


This Blog was brought to you today by the Letters:   U,   L and the Number 2!  ;)


2 comments: said...

it's all about consistency, isn't it? I'm having a bit of an epiphany about "authenticity" and trying to remake oneself without losing one's essence. I think I've been struggling because I've been trying to recreate myself as some athletic, "jock-ette" person, instead of honoring who I authentically am, and making the best of her. Now, to work on finding out who I really am!

I'd love to hear your observations on the topic! (Because you have so much free time...not!)

Anonymous said...

that is exciting! yay! have fun celebrating with karaoke!