Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our 48 Hour Film!

In a previous post I talked about the 48 Hour Film Project.

In short, local teams competed to make an entire short film in 48 hours!

No one knows what their movie will be about until they draw a genre out of a hat! You then have from Friday at 7 PM to Sunday at 7PM to turn in a movie!

All 48 Hour Films were required to have these elements in them:

This year we had:
  • Character - Buddy (Babby) Kant - A Philosophy Instructor
  • Prop - A greeting card
  • Line of Dialogue - "Chalk it up to dumb luck."

It was cute to see how the other teams take these elements and use them in their movies!

We had to make a "Holiday Movie." We made a Vampire movie involving Arbor Day!

Buddy Kant, "Action Philosopher," fights vampires plotting to end Arbor Day!

I am proud to presnt: "Arbor Day - Kant Touch This"

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