Monday, October 20, 2008

192.75 After the Weekend!

After a beer and pizza fueled game day, I was really happy to see my weight was 192.75 this morning!

This has been a FANTASTIC month for weight loss. I have lost a quarter pound each day this entire month! Wow! This is amazing!

But now - I have to go away on Business Travel...

It is so scary having to eat out for every meal when on the road. I work long hours and when I get back to the hotel I do not want to go down to the pool or the gym. I want to just go to bed.

It is only for 2 days - so hopefully it will not kill my weight loss progress, but it is scary!!

I fly back to Madison Thursday night, and my plane is due to land at 8:30. I hope it is not delayed because the Karaoke Finals are Thursday night at 9:00!!!!! I will be just like a rockstar running over from the airport. :)

I plan to sing "More than Words" by Extreme

Wish me Luck!

Oops, I will also be going to a "girls only" retreat with my mom and sisters this weekend!!! My mom is the QUEEN of peer pressure. I hope I make it to Monday the weight I am today!!!

This might be a challege!!!

10/28/08 UPDATE!

The Karaoke was a disaster! The FIRST GUY up to sing in the contest SANG MY SONG! (More Than Words!!!) I went up to the Karaoke Guy and said... this is the SAME SONG I put in for the contest. He said I could change my song... but I could not think of another one I could do at such short notice. I stuck with my "repeat." I was so bummed and I think that showed in my performance I had a huge crowd there cheering for me... but I felt cheated by not having the element of originality.
:( Looking back I wonder if I would have placed if I had changed the song to another one? But then I think, if I DID another song I would think my lack of practice would kill it for me. *SIGH* No luck.

So sad. :(


Zach said...

Good luck!
Hopefully you'll be able to eat well on the road. I know that road traveling can lead to some REALLY rough diets.

Good luck in the competition!

john - from fat to fit said...

Business travel is always tough on me. Stay away from the "continental breakfasts" of doughnuts and the minibar. And the dinners. And the social events at the bars. Jeez, the list goes on. Good luck!