Friday, October 24, 2008

The "Contest"

I should have known things were not going to go well for me yesterday.

We finished work early on our business trip, so we were done by 1 pm! I was excited and wanted to drive back to Madison, and be home for dinner... But instead, we spent SIX HOURS in the Minneapolis Airport to take our scheduled 7:25PM flight to get to Madison at 8:30 PM.

Luckily - I made it to the contest in time but that is about when my luck ran out.

I went into the restroom to change into the outfit I asked Aaron to bring and noticed that my "monthly friend" wanted to be there for the contest too. Lucky me....

So the contest starts, and THE FIRST GUY to compete sings a very... "embellished" version of 'More Than Words!!!!"

It reminded me of when a singer "slaughters" the National Anthem by adding too many notes and warbling.

I was so upset! There were only 9 finalists and over 20,000 songs in the book and we pick the same song!!!!

I went up to the Karaoke guy and said, "This is the same song I put in!!"

He said that I could change my song. So I went back to my group of friends and explained the situation. A few other songs were bantered around, but in the end I decided to just sing it.

I few more male "singers" screamed out some angry guy metal songs.

I was the first female finalist of the night, and I brought down the house. I was the 5th singer of 10 which sucked. I wanted to be next to last... and the woman who was won. It's just the way it works with the judging.

The woman who won was a very good singer but one of the "screamer" guys came in second!

We were all like..."What? Him?!"

I still went over to congratulate him - and he asked if he could see my "tits." What a jerk!!!

Then put in another song to sing, and guy who was smoking outside ran in to "sing" with me. Grrrr.... My song was basically stolen from me.

I think I am going to go to a totally different Karaoke show from now on.

But I had lots of fun with everyone that came to cheer me on. :)

I have not weight myself yet since I got back. Tomorrow will be interesting.

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