Thursday, February 19, 2009

Disabling Comments

About 80% of the comments submitted to me were just sugar-coated spam.

I used to review and reject them, but I can’t take this anymore. :(

I get all these seemingly wonderful posts...


“You are soooooo amazing!!! I was going to go bulimic, but your site gives me hope!”


ARGH!!!!!!! I am so disgusted!!

I find it despicable that they would pose as a person struggling with her weight or an eating disorder just to sell bogus products!!!

I am offended that they tried to use my site to link to that CRAP with such a LIE!

I worked so HARD, over the course of YEARS to lose my weight by just eating better and moving more.

The only thing those weight loss products make lighter is your wallet!!!

So, I apologize that I had to remove comments, but you can still reach me via email. :)

So besides removing the comments, a lot has happened since my last post: Valentine's Day, My 31st Birthday and I got braces.

I wish I could claim I lost weight since my last post too, but I am actually up a pound.

It's the puffy time of the month... which might explain why I got so insanely upset by those comments!

I have adjusted my daily calories down to around 1700 and have been upping the intensity of my workouts.

Soon this week will be past, and I'll be moving in the right direction again. :)

Take good care of yourself!


Jess :)