Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why did I do that?

As a treat today I had a 180 calorie 1/2 c. scoop of vanilla ice cream. (I measured it and everything!)

I then planned to sprinkle it with some Godiva hot chocolate powder... (about a tablespoon) but the sprinkle turned into about 1/2 c. as it fell out in a lump from the canister into my bowl!

A serving of the cocoa is 130 calories per 3 tablespoons. So one tablespoon would have been about 45 calories. But I ended up with about 9 tablespoons, so 390 calories!

So did I dump out my bowl and start over? Nope. I ate it all. Counted all the calories. But now I think, "Why did I do that?"

Because I did not want to "waste" the food I ended up with 345 more calories.

So my treat turned into a guilt-trip, then into a blog post.

On a happy note, I did return from Texas the same weight as when I left, and since I am counting my calories, I can tweak the rest of the day to deal with this snack debacle.


Laura B said...

i like that you took responsibility and are now going to fix/resolve your problem..

great post once again jess

ered said...

Congratulations on the trip maintenance! Traveling and "that time of the month" are enemies to me too but I'm glad to see you overcame!!!

Camevil said...

But did it taste good??

Congrats on maintaining. I'm pretty sure that with all the food temptations in Texas, I would probably be dead.

Jess said...

The food in Texas was a crazy struggle!

not so skinny said...

I'm so excited to have found this blog! I'm going through a weightloss journey too! Just started, or re-started, actually! I thought that a blog would be a good way to track my success - so I've started that again, and I'm looking forward to reading on in your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!!