Monday, April 27, 2009

Clean Bill of Health

My doctor could not find any lumps or asymmetry to match the results of the mammogram, so I was given a clean bill of heath. What a relief that was!

This month has been so hard for my weight loss - my breast cancer scare, stress at work, and the one year anniversary of my brother in-law's death have been wearing on my willpower.

Even through all this stress, I have been able to keep my weight stable pretty stable!

I am working hard to keep my weight loss trend going!

A new thing that I am doing is offering rewards to Aaron too. I am basically bribing him to make sure he encourages me to be active.

At the end of the week, we go to the book store and each get something if I am successful!

Today for lunch I went to Einstein Brothers' Bagels.

They have this new "under 400 calorie" menu and I tried their "Ancho Chicken Wedge."

It was really yummy and spicy! A toasted folded whole wheat tortilla, filled with ancho chili marinated chicken breast and grilled peppers and onions with some jalapeƱo cream cheese.

I really liked it. It was nice and hot and full of flavor!

When I was looking it up on the internet after lunch I came across a blog comment which went like this: "The Ancho Chicken Wedge was tiny!!! I had to eat two of them and I was still hungry. So not worth the money!"

That comment really surprised me.

First off - it wasn't "tiny." How big did she expect 350 calories of chicken and veggies with cream cheese wrapped in a tortilla to be?! It's like those 64 calorie beer commercials. Most people are eating way more calories than they realize.

I thought it was a very satisfying lunch-sized portion. It was about the size 3 stacked CD cases. That should be plenty to fill a human stomach.

Which leads to the next thing that stuck in my craw. That she HAD to eat two of them. As if the Einstein Brothers held a gun to her head and made her get that second Ancho Chicken Wedge!!!

She did not HAVE to eat two. It is not the fault of the Einstein Brothers that she chose their store for her gluttony.

I was satisfied hours later on my lunch... I couldn't imaging scarfing down two and STILL being hungry?!! Wow, and ick... that is one over-stuffed stomach.

Lastly - Cost
I paid $4.95 for lunch and I didn't think I was being "ripped off" but I guess if you drop $10 to eat it twice and still feel hungry -- I can see where a person would feel ripped off! But just because you want to eat more than enough for two people does not mean the food was over priced.

I guess the moral of today's post is:
Learning to be satisfied with proper sized portions saves you 50% on lunch!