Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Suspicious Mass"

I am waiting to find out if a mass in my breast is cancerous.

I am hoping for a "false positive." I just wish I knew if I had it or not! Not knowing is nightmarish.

I see my doctor again on Friday, but that doesn't mean I will find out anything. She might order more tests, and I will just continue to not know...


I got up early today and ran for 32 minutes on the elliptical trainer.

Breakfast was a serving of cream of wheat with a packet of cocoa powder. I thought about just using sugar from the shaker... but that would have been a disaster. I know how many calories are in the packet. I wasn't sure how many calories would be in the sugar I would "sprinkle" on.
270 total calories for breakfast.

Lunch will be a Amy's Kitchen Frozen meal - cheese tamale (360) or palak paneer (270).
I also have some vanilla Activia yogurt in my mini fridge for later this afternoon. (110)

Happy news, my car is done at the shop and we can pick it up!! Some jerk hit/scratched it up really bad in the parking lot. I never realized how much I love my car until I had to use the loaner....

I also got my braces adjusted today. I felt like she was trying to defuse a bomb attached to my teeth - with all the wire snipping and twisting. My next adjustment isn't until June.

It was snowing/raining when I woke up today. The weather is very wet cold and depressing, but the grass is getting green again and some flowers are already up!

Springtime in Wisconsin is always like this: Snow on Tuesday, in the 80's by Friday.

I am going to be tweaking the code again slightly, and putting up version 2.0 of the calorie calculator application.