Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Same Site, New Name

"Jessica's Weight Loss Blog" will now be known as "Less Jess - Over 100 lbs lost!"

In the past auto-links to my site couldn't cope with the apostrophe and it looked like this:

"Jessica's Weight Loss Blog"

How ugly!

"Less Jess" matches my site's address, and the "Over 100 lbs lost!" should draw in new readers.

This morning I got up early and did some circuit training.

I went through my MP3s and created a playlist of "pumping tunes." I picked peppy songs that were between 2-3 minute. When the song changed, I changed to a new exercise. I either ran on my elliptical trainer, lifted free weights, or did some type of sit-up for my circuits.

(I used the same song for my warm-up and cool-down.)

Run, Arms, Abs
Run, Arms, Abs
Run, Arms, Abs
Run, Arms, Abs
Run, Arms, Abs
Run, Arms, Abs
Cool down
Stretch out

It took about an hour and felt great!

Breakfast today was a mashed avocado, with a tablespoon of tomatillo salsa verde, and 2 oz of shredded Wisconsin cheddar cheese.

This is not my normal breakfast, but my avocado was prefectly ripe today! Yum!