Thursday, May 3, 2012

5 months of Cloth Diapers

Alexandria wears cloth diapers.  They are are the cute liners you see snapped over a cotton/hemp diaper on the inside.  The diapers do not need to be pinned.  the cover does it all.  But a cute girly diaper cover is cute.

We keep a stack of cloth diapers inside the covers ready to go --  and they are just as easy to use as disposables.  Never had a nasty leak and never had diaper rash.


Julia Buckley said...

Just so cute! Well done on the weight loss too, by way, inspiring stuff!

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Anonymous said...

Ohmagosh! Soooo adorable. Looove the last picture. Too flippin' cute!

Jim said...

Just like the blog I used to have one year back, I also started blogging to keep an account on the progress through out my weight loss journey, and then it became something more than just a weight loss blog,congrats for this adorable baby.XX

Elizabeth said...

Hey Jessica,

I Like reading your blog. Alexandria is so adorable! My partner and I use cloth diapers, as well. We use BumGenius. Do you take the cloth diapers with you in the diaper bag? How did you decide on the brand that you use? What has been your menu recently. How do you make it through those days when you're exhausted from taking care of the baby? Thanks for all you do!