Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Getting Close to Crawling

Alexandria is now 9 months old.  She can stand, but cannot balance without holding on to something or someone.   She is also starting to figure out this crawling thing.  She can get into a crawling position, then fails towards the way she wants to go.  I see her taking off by September.

I have started to baby proof the house.   The hearth were you see the basket above is now covered in a thick foam pad.   I also got bumbers for the entertainment center to the right.  I need to get some gates or screens to keep her from getting into all the wires back there.

At work there has been a huge re-organization.  I am lucky enough to still be under the same boss.  Extra bonus - I am moving to my own office with door and window.  Yea!

I am baby stepping my way back to pre-baby weight.  I do walking at lunch when I don't have to worry about Alexandria.   I am cutting drinks with calories out of my diet again. (WATER WATER WATER!!!)

When I lived in Wisconsin, Southern Sweet Tea was a treat I got when ever my work sent me below the Mason-Dixon Line.  Living in Georgia for 2 years where I could have it every day if I wanted...  yea.  That made as much of an impact as getting pregnant!

I have started to introduce baby food to Alexandria, some days she is so good, other days she just wants to play with the spoon and fling the contents.  I want to be a healthy example for her and teach her good habits so she never has to be like me - and weight twice as much as my classmates.