Monday, February 25, 2013

Let there be LIGHT!

Ever since we bought our condo in December 2011 I dreamed of doing some home improvements.  This weekend I finally replaced the light in the dining room!!

I never liked the blue pendant halogen light in our dining room.  The whole room was dark except for the one little spot light of crazy bright light.  It was hard to play boardgames with the poor lighting and if the table was not under it -- you would hit your head on the darn thing too!   IT HAD TO GO! 

Before - No light, cobalt blue night time forehead-smasher.
The light is on.  The room is still dark.

 So I used my birthday cash to buy a much needed replacement light for the ceiling! 
Let there be LIGHT!!!

What a Change!  I am so happy to have lots of light in the dining room!! 

Alexandria also liked this project because she got to play in the box the light was delivered in.


Leeta Belle said...

That little Lexi of yours is a cutie pie! :)

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