Saturday, August 5, 2006

Aaron's Reward

I made it through the Potluck unscathed! I was 139.50 this AM! I've lost more weight than I weigh... Crazy! If I am still 140 or less tomorrow, I'm going to update my site to read "Over 140 Pounds Lost!!!" (and still going!)

Aaron will also earn his Reward.

When we changed my Rewards System from being tied to my weight, to just "living healthy 15 days in a row," I suggested when I reach those old 5 pound increment goal weights that Aaron should get a reward!

He totally deserves rewards too because I could never have done this without him! His loving support and gentle encouragement has really kept me going all these years. He always keeps me safe, even when I don't want to be! ;) ("But I NEED chocolate!!!" "You are out of calories for today. You can have some tomorrow.") He also helps me get out of bed on days when I don't want to get up and workout. He just has this way of making me want to be my best. :) I know I am not perfect, but for him I want to be! :) And he loves me as I am, no matter what I look like. :)

I have actually been asked if my husband "loves me more" now that I am healthy! I couldn't help but laugh! I then assured the asker that Aaron doesn't love me any more or less now that I am healthy, although we have loved eachother longer now! We'll be celebrating 6 years of perpetual bliss coming up on the 29th this month! :) I am so excited! :)

Well I better get some more stuff done on my "To-do" list.

Take Care!


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