Friday, August 4, 2006

Looking Down the Barrel of a Potluck.

Today at work we had our “Team Picnic.” I was totally stressing-out about the food there. That stress triggered some nervous snacking. So worrying about food, made me eat even more food! ARGH!!!! By 9:00 AM I had ate 520 calories, and I still had to get through that potluck!

Things were not looking good, so I emailed Aaron for support!!!

I’m worried about the lunch today.

You can be okay. Do your best. :)

I’ll try.

I don’t know if try is the word. Just do your best, and we’ll see how good that is. Do or do not. There is no try.

So Aaron, and the words of Jedi Master Yoda, got me feeling better! I would do my best!

Next thing I know it’s time for the picnic.

Here is what I had at the picnic and my estimated calories:

2 Tbsp Hummus.......200

Half a Pita..........90

Raw Veggies.........100

Trail Mix...........200

Homemade Carmel.....250

Which took my daily total to 1360. That’s 350 calories more than my average post lunch calorie total, but it’s not that bad! I’ve had far worse days! Like Saturday July 15th, where I had to cut myself off after lunch because I was already at 1970 calories! (We went out for lunch at a Pizza place and got dessert…) The Saturday after that was also bad. I ate a whole box of Stovetop stuffing for lunch, leaving me with half a sandwich and some instant oatmeal for supper.

I eat so stupid on the weekend! But even when I am being dumb, I stick to my calorie budget! I should really plan my meals/calories in advance! When I have a plan I stick too it, and that which would really help me from the weekend! On workdays I am so “good.” I know what I am eating, and when. But on the weekends there is no structure, and I end up eating 600 calories junk, then and have get through the rest of the day on just 1000 calories, which is doable, just not enjoyable. :P

Have a good weekend!



Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, I still love checking in on are doing awesome:)

I am a hummus freak though and on the high-end average, hummus has about 45cal per tbsp; that's with olive oil and tahini added.

Anyway, I just wanted to say a woohoo to you and how I had an excuse :)

Halifax, NS CA

Jess said...

Awesome, now i have another reasons to love hummus!

I had no idea what the calories were at the picnic and was just trying to make the best guess I could. I'd rather be off by over-estimating than under-estimating though. ;)

It's all good.
(And Hummus is very good!)