Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Not for Sale.

The following is an email I received yesterday:

    Dear Jessica,
    Congratulations...or WOW!
    I am interested in buying one before and one after picture for me to use in a appetite suppressant tablet infomercial.
    The pictures WILL NOT be claimed as the result of the tablet.
    They will appear for 3 seconds.
    Please contact me ASAP if you are interested,

    Thank you.

After thinking it over I responded with:

    Thank you so much for your email! :) In the past I've had people use my images without permission, and it is refreshing to actually be asked first!

    Being asked to be the "the before and after girl" is flattering, but after thinking it over, I must decline.

    You see, I lost all my weight naturally, without using a diet program or "magic pills"... So I would feel bad to even be indirectly associated with a weight loss product.

    Thank you for your understanding and not using my pictures.

    Take care!


Most people I've told this story to in real life are like: “Girl, you should taken that money and RUN!!!” But I would have felt so guilty!!!

I’ve railed against fat-exploitative products for years, and refuse to put advertising on my site. I am not going to suddenly give up on my principles for a few bucks!

Do you as a reader like the fact there are no ads on this site. Did you even notice?

Please comment :)



Carla said...

I did notice that there are no ads and it's nice. However, I totally wouldn't think less of you if you plastered it with ads and made the big bucks!

Anonymous said...

I think it took courage and integrity to do what you did, so congratulations!

And yes, I don't particularly enjoy ads on blogs; I understand why some people do it, but I find them against the spirit of collective publishing, somehow...

Anonymous said...

I notice!! I hate all the hype about weight loss tablets and such.
I love reading your blog.=)
Can't wait to see NEW pics!! (hint,hint):)

Anonymous said...

Good on you for keeping your principles! I do appreciate the lack of ads.

And what is up with the fact that they wanted to use the before/after pictures of someone who NEVER used their product? That says more about the ineffectiveness of quick-fixes than a thousand word essay!


Jess said...

Indeed! I find it funny that they would use pictures of someone who busted her ass for YEARS to lose weight the natural way to advertise a "instant fix" pill.

Makes you wonder if the (* Results Not Typical) people ever used the products...


K. said...

Yes I noticed and I think you did the right thing not letting your pictures be used, that would have been deceiving. Kudos on staying true 2 your principles,

Amanda said...

Jess you did the right thing! Good on you... and I love your blog with no ads... its the best way to go so people can just focus on you and what you want to share! Happy easter :)

Anonymous said...

i notice! and i think you're great for sticking to your guns and your morals, there aren't many people left out there with integrity anymore. did you ever get a response email?

Jess said...

I never got a reply... so if you are up late watching infomercials, and you see me, let me know! ;)

Lisa said...

I appreciate that there are no ads and that your information is true and genuine. I stubbled on your blog last week and have been checking back everyday, you are a true inspiration.

Like you I am losing my weight the natural way making healthy eating and workout choices.

I applaud you for not letting someone use your picture for a product you didn't lose. Keep up the great work, you are a true inspiration!

word2yomutha said...

I noticed the lack of ads and find it refreshing. I dont need to be sold anything, usually if I know what I want I have no trouble finding it on my own =)

I cant stand the diet pills and such that flash a before and after picture of people who have lost weight - it demoralizes the people who have spent a lot of time and energy to accomplish a wonderful weightloss with hard work and commitment to make it seem as though you can take a pill and suddenly all the weight is gone. Ugh. Right on for not letting them use your pic.