Thursday, March 20, 2008

Suddenly Easter

On March 10th I said I was getting back in the groove. Ten days later - I am still doing well! I am actually keeping track of what I eat, and being consistently active! :)

And my efforts have paid off with a loss of 2.25 pounds! ( I still have to lose 7 pounds to get back to my pre-surgery weight though... but I am getting there!)

Things have been going so well, and now it's suddenly Easter...

Oh No! Not another “food-centric” Holiday!!!

My resolve to stand up to the Easter Goodies will be tested the next few days. I worry that all the recent progress I've made will be erased by Cadbury, Lindt, Recess, and Jelly Belly...

I am sure Aaron will "protect" me from the chocolate by bravely consuming it for me - my hero!! :) Seriously, Aaron is the most chocolate obsessed person in the universe - way beyond ordinary chocoholism. He's a chocolate consuming force of nature, the personification of pure Chocoholism... the Perfect Platonic form of cocoaphillia, if you will. ;)

Anyway, I wish everyone strength to make healthy choices this weekend! If you do end up with and Easter Ham, or Lamb, or a candy filled basket - do your best to count all calories you consume. ;)

Coming Soon! - Jess's First Video Post!
I have started to write out my first Video-Blog. I am kinda nervous about making it... but I figure you have all seen me in my underwear already, so I can't be camera shy. ;)


Count your calories BEFORE you consume them.

Figuring out your calories AFTER the fact can be a very negative experience:

"Let's see... I had a whole wheat roll with butter, a salad with dressing and cheese, 8 grape tomatoes , some grilled mixed veggies, and about a cup of homemade mac 'n' cheese. Oh crap... I just ate THAT MANY calories?!?! Oh Man, and I haven't even counted the 4 inch diameter M&M cookie yet... Not. Cool."

Does this sound familiar to anyone else? I've learned over the years that if I count what I eat before I eat it, I make better choices. (Doesn't mean I remember to do it!) After figuring out the calories in a sundae: 280 for the ice cream, 150 for two tablespoons of dove chocolate hot fudge, 120 for the banana... steers me towards a 140 calorie chocolate chip cookie, or 2 dove mini ice cream treats for 180 instead.

So avoid frustration by planning your meals in advance. You can create a balanced menu that is full of food you love, and won't derail your weight loss efforts!



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