Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shamrock Shuffled

This morning I participated in the Shamrock Shuffle, a local event to raise money for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dane County.

My mom sent me an email on Thursday or Friday saying she wanted to get my little sister involved in walking events. (My sister is 9 and wears the same size as me.)

So I googled up "Madison Walks" and found the "Shamrock Shuffle" taking place this weekend! You could run 10K, 5K or do a 2 mile walk. My mom then told her boyfriend, who told his daughter, who told her boyfriend... In the end there were 7 of us! 2 runners and 5 walkers.

Our runners could really run too! My mom's-boyfriend's-daughter and her boyfriend participated in the 5k run. He came in second out of all the men, and she was one of the first females to cross the finish line. Very cool.

The rest of us walked: mom, her boyfriend, my little sister, Aaron, and I. The course went down State Street, a little bit north on Park, then up the curvy hill on Observatory Drive. Once you reached the half-way point, you'd turn around and travel back.

As we were going up the hill, most walkers were really huffing and puffing. They were complaining about the hill, but compared to the hills in San Francisco... it wasn't that tough. ;) I mentioned it to Aaron and he said he was thinking the same thing. :)

My little sister started out with a full head of steam, but started to fade back. I think her brand-new shoes were not "broke-in" so walking 2 miles in them might have been painful. :( Poor thing.

It was a fun family event that was centered on doing something healthy, instead of eating food. It was a lot of fun, like when we did the Crop Walk with Aaron's side of the family. :)

I'd like to keep up the trend, like go camping and take hikes through the state trails. :) We'll see what the year will bring. :)

Take care!


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