Friday, March 14, 2008

Two blisters on each baby toe. :-(

Earlier this week my comfy sneakers, that I wore all the time, and worked out in finally gave up the ghost. With all the snow melting, I can't wear the holey shoes in the icy puddles, so I wore my black loafers.

The weather was about 41 (HEATWAVE) so I went for a walk around the block... and ow!

I got 2 blister on each baby toe. (4 blisters in all) I spent the rest of the day at work in my socks. Then put the shoes on to cripple my way to the car, and got home to pull them off again.

Today I am wearing my winter "moon boots" that are wide-enough to keep my feet happy.

I need to get new shoes... but my feet are so wide it is HARD to find a good pair!

I never get to have "cute shoes." :( I love cute shoes... but my feet are just so WIDE. I would love to make a brand of shoes that are HOT, SEXY, and W I D E.
(If there is a brand like that - CLUE ME IN!!!!)

I KNOW it is possible to make sexy shoes in wide widths that will not cripple your feet. Why isn't anyone doing this?

In nerdy news:

Today is Pi day! Remember pi? Pi times r squared!!!

Well today is March 14 (3.14) and at 1:59 today at work, WE GET PIE!
It is a dorky thing to do, but I work at a computer software company... we are dorks. ;)

I will budget 500 calories for a slice. :9 Mmm Pie!


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain! I have wide feet but narrow heels. So it's hard to find shoes or sneakers. If they're wide enough then the heel is usually too big and good luck finding cute shoes.

Amy said...

Hi Jess - I too require a wider width for better fit and comfort, not so much because my feet are wide but I have such a high in-step that I need the extra width so my feet don't get squished flat. I usually order online, Sears carries some wide sizes, in fact I just got a pair that are kind of cute and fit quite well too from there.

here are some other links that may be of use: