Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Firing on All Cylinders!

I was 194.0 this morning!

I have lost 4.5 pounds since September 26! I am really back in the groove now!

I had some “puffy” days, but when they passed, my weight loss gets right back on track!

Monday's (10/13/08) Calories:

190 – All-Bran Toaster Pastries
150 – Banana
120 – 1 c. Almond Milk
330 – Chicken Philly Flatbread Lean Cuisine
110 – Large Green Apple
270 – Chocolate Clif Bar
525 – ½ a frozen thin crust pizza

Monday's Exercise:

30:11 minutes
1.77 miles
135.8 calories
2030 strides

My workout was light because I donated platelets after work. The Red Cross called me and said they were in need, and I was happy to come in and help!!

Platelets are collected by aphaeresis where I keep my red blood cells and can donate twice a week. I only do it about once a month though because they have to put a needle in each arm, and it takes about two hours!

I've got a lot of unpacking to do, so I'll blog more tomorrow!!

Jess :)

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