Thursday, October 16, 2008

Weather, Mood, and Food.

193.75 this morning! (That is the same as yesterday.)

Yesterday was a cold and rainy Wisconsin October day. It was so wet and gloomy! It really dampened my spirits - which might be why I felt so hungry yesterday!!!

I shivered all day at the office, even though I wore jeans and a thick sweatshirt! (Please turn on the heat!!!)

Being cold and droopy, my brain constantly sent me the signal "FEED ME!!!"

I did not want to load up on snacks because I was going to another Presidential Debate party last night!

I REALLY did not want "waste" my calories snacking at work - then have to face "party" food too!

I was FINALLY able to silence my "Hungry! Hungry! Hungry! Hungry!" alarm system when I had a nice big cup of hot calorie-free green tea! The heat and the caffiene really helped me feel back in balance!

I was able to hold myself to 890 calories while at work, leaving 1000 for at the party!! (Which I had some pizza, a fruit covered dessert and a beer.)

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