Friday, October 28, 2011

Everything is Perfect - Let's Induce.

This week I had my 36 week checking with the Doctor. 
She said:
Your blood sugars are great and under control by just your diet and exercise!
Your blood pressure perfect.  Baby still measures in the 45 percentile.
Baby's heart is perfect, the flow in the cord and placenta are great.

Then a totall 180'
We should not let you go past 39 weeks and induce you.

I got skid-marks on my brain.   Say what?!

It was like a slap in the face.   Why tell me how great everything is going and then suggest induction?!

An induction is a medical intervention if there is a risk to the baby and/or mother for the pregnancy continuing.

My baby is not in danger. I am not in danger.  There aren't any risks that would really call for an invention.

I reply that I'd prefer to let my birth start naturally.

She then throws out:

But your placenta could stop working and you will have a still birth.

Really?  I refuse an totally unnecessary medical intervention for my healthy pregnancy and she instantly says, "YOUR BABY WILL DIE."

I said we can re-evaluate in a few more weeks, but for now -- thanks, but no thanks.

The Due Date is not an expiration date!!!  

It's not like the baby MUST be out from my womb by that date or the power is shut off.

I have faith in my body's ability to grow and birth my baby.


Jennifer McNeely said...

good for you!!! i am so annoyed with making things convenient for the doctors instead of letting nature do its THANG<
First babies can be late and they should nt even be TALKING induction til you are past 40 weeks,

Helly said...

Good for you! let them rescan at 39 weeks by all means, but I say only induce if there is a problem! Of course, you may be feeling different by then! I know I was pretty fed up by that stage! Good luck whatever happens x

HCG Injections said...

I hope you will give normal birth a healthy baby. And no induction will be needed. Just take care of you and baby. Best of luck. :)

Laura said...

I was induced only because I was in labor but not dilating. By 40 weeks I was ready to be induced ;) I wish you luck in the next coming weeks!

Hilary said...

Your blog is lovely! I totally agree with your instinct on letting things happen naturally. It's amazing how many Dr.s want to make the baby work with their own schedule it seems. I wish you the very best with your new little one! I'm a blog newbie and welcome advice if you get a chance to check it out, although it sounds like you will be quite busy very soon :)

HCG Injections said...

WOW! I can't even lose 2 pounds!

steve arnold said...

I hope you will give normal birth a healthy baby. And no induction will be needed. Just take care of you and baby. Best of luck. :)
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FreeBird08 said...

You are a showing a very strong sense of being a mother. It's a good thing for your baby. don't worry much about losing weight. You can do it later after giving birth. Best of Luck! :)
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Tracey said...

Hi Jess, I am a midwife from the UK.I cannot believe they're discussing induction with you already when everything is going well. To scare you by saying your placenta might stop working is unethical. It sounds like she has her own agenda. Over here we do not consider induction until the woman is 11 days over her due date, so 41 weeks +4 days. Many women chose not to be induced. In that case we just continue to monitor them and their baby very closely. I think you are a smart woman. You know your body best and at this point there are no signs that you need to induce, which could end up being unnecessary medicalised intervention which brings with it risks. I am not anti-induction by any means but I think there should be a good reason for something so serious. I wish you all the best and hope you get the birth experience you wish for!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Tracey - that sounds entirely unethical. Stay strong mama and listen to your heart!
And congrats on your new adventure about to begin :)

The Saviour said...

Don't listen to the doc!! Its now becoming a normal practice by doc to falsely claim you or your child is at risk. Let it happen all naturally that is the best way. After 6 months you can start planning on best weight loss methods to shed of that extra weight.

Megan @ Weight Loss Mother said...

Good for you for not listening to her.

Tracy Bernier said...

Hi Jess...I've had two kids...and needed to lose some weight afterward. It was difficult, then I tried Isagenix.
I'm still with it 3 years later!! You should check it out!!



Anonymous said...

Dear Jess
I see this was posted at teh end on October.... its Nov 19th today. What has been happening the past 3 weeks? Any news to share?

Renee in Canada

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely blog: I don't suppose your weight loss story has ever been featured in a UK magazine Jess. I write for all the women's magazines over here in Britain and it really would work. Drop me a line on if it's something you might consider. Thanks so much Jess, JaneXXXX

natural diet said...

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Anonymous said...

Its nice to hear that you are doing so well. I am a diabetic. And even though i am young right now i do wonder about the complications i may have when i conceive. Hence i try my best to live a healthy life. I exercise regularly. I also avoid sugar and junk food. I replace sugar with a natural sweetener like Natvia

Weight Loss Specialist Locator said...

Good for you. Nature has been doing this for thousands of years, but doctors, who are not even right on their estimate of how many weeks it takes before a women goes into labor on average and who have no way of know exactly when the child was conceived, think they are gods.

They do not operate on an exact science, but wish and act like they do.

The best of luck to you and your little one. I know how much joy a new baby can bring.

Anum Jhun said...

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