Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's a GIRL!!!!

On November 2nd, I had my 37 week prenatal appointment.  An ultrasound found very low amniotic fluid and the baby had not increased in weight since our 35 week appointment.  These factors were warning bells to the doctors,  so they said -- You are going to have a baby today.

They let us go home and get our birthing bag.  We both called into work and said, we are at the hospital being induced.

Nothing really happened on 11/2 other than I was admitted and they put in a medication called Cervidil.  It softens the cervix and makes the Pitocin work better to start labor.

They started me on Pitocin at 7 AM on 11/3.  It started some contractions but nothing really happened.  They wanted me to get to 3 cm and then rupture my bag of waters.    I really didn't want that.

At 4:30 PM after being on Pitocin all day they checked my progress and said we just were not having a baby today.  They turned off the the drip and said I could eat!!! ( I was on clear fluids since midnight.)

I was about one bite into a snack bar when I threw up.  My water broke on its own and I was in labor for real.

My midwife and her intern left for the night and had to be called back to work.

Since my water broke they wanted to put me back on pitocin to make sure my labor happened fast enough.

They started the drip again.

My contractions got really strong.  They put the baby on an internal monitor to make sure the baby was not in distress.

Aaron was an AWESOME helper.  He made me feel so much better.  He did counter-pressure on my back and helped me relax and just let my body give birth.

I wanted to have a drug-free birth, but the pitocin made things very intense.  Aaron said he was so worried for me and the baby.  He said he could tell my pain was at an "11" and when I asked for the pain medication.  He supported all my the choices for the birth.

It was very intense for a few more contractions, then I felt wonderful relief.    When I had a contraction I would take in a very deep breaths and try to relax.

My Mid-wife and her intern wanted to do another internal check at 11 PM and I asked if we could wait until 1 AM.

At 1 AM they were helping with a c-section.  I had started to feel "pushy" and called the nurse.

She checked me out and then contacted the Mid-wife and said that she would need to hurry back to deliver our baby.

The mid-wife made it back about 2 AM.  She asked if we could wait for the intern to arrive to deliver the baby.  I said sure.

So we waited for her to arrive.  It was about 2:10 when she arrived and was ready to catch the baby.

I pushed three times and the head crowned.

With the next contraction I pushed three times again and the baby was born.

I was worried about tearing but I didn't have any maternal birthing trauma.

I had a beautiful and easy birth.

Aaron then announced it was a GIRL.  They put her on my chest and Aaron cut the cord.  My Baby GIRL!!!!!

We named her Alexandria Ruth Scott.

She was born at 2:13 AM on 11/4/11
She weighted  4 pounds  15 ounces and was 18 inches long

Due to her size -- Aaron had to go out and buy another car seat so we could take her home.  She was too small for the car seat we had got (5 -70 lbs).

Mommy and baby
Holding my Daughter after being washed and given back to me.

Daddy and Lexi about to go home!

Going Home in the "Magic Hankie"


Kreatives Chaos made by Andrea said...


she is beautiful...

I wish you both all the best with your little girl...

Andrea from Germany

Helly said...

Congratulations on your teeny bundle :)

Camevil said...

She really is just precious. I can't believe she's finally here. I've been silently following your blog for a while a perfect beginning to a new saga.

I had a long, stalled labor, too. The midwife tried everything but he was "stuck" as the attending doctor who stepped in at the 23rd hour said. We were scheduled for a c-section at noon. Apparently,baby got the memo and stopped playing around. He came out after 5 mins of push time at 11:40. Just in time.

Anyway, you must be over the moon right now. Enjoy!

Barb the French Bean said...

Congratulations to you both! She's beautiful! :D

Anonymous said... lucky and so happy to see your beautiful girl.

Laura said...

Way to go, Mommy! Congratulations! She is gorgeous!

Jane said...

Congratulations mummy and daddy! A beautiful baby girl, she is so sweet. I love the magic hankie photo, she looks like she is really laughing at something.

My first child was born at 2.13am as well - different years and month, but the exact same time and the 4th of Nov is also my dad's birthday :)

Congratulations again to you and your beautiful little family.

Gavz said...

Many Congratulations to you and your family...!!
A very lovely girl...!! :-)

Carla said...

She is beautiful! We have a Lexi too. Short for Alexandra (so close).


WillG said...

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Rachelle said...

She is so so so adorable. I had to have pictocin with all three of my kids and they really do make the contractions unbearable. I am glad that baby and mother are healthy and happy. Enjoy every snuggle you can with her.

Lauren said...

You both look beautiful! Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the both of you and your new little girl!

Anonymous said...

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Diet Books said...

Congratulations for your new little angel. She is very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jessica...She is so beautiful...Nov 4th is my dads birthday...very cool...I hope you are very happy!


astermed s said...

WOW! she is really beautiful thanks for sharing the picture..... she is really angle god bless her....

MaxBurn said...

I can't believe she's finally here. I've been silently following your blog for a while a perfect beginning to a new saga.

Jacqui MacNeill (Escents Aromatherapy Bath and Body) said...

Congratulations! Your baby is absolutely adorable. Welcome to the world of motherhood. It will change your life forever. :)

Angie said...

Congratulations mom :)! Absolutely love the name Lexi! Wish you all much happiness and many wonderful memories together! x

calgaryhcgdrops said...

Congrats! Child birth is such a hard time and you made it out in great shape! Thank the lord for your health!

Lewis said...

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Francis said...

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Anonymous said...

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fahmi said...

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faizy said...

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she is so adorable :)

quick trim said...

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quick trim said...

Love the pictures. It took me 6 months to shift my excess weight after giving birth, but it does come off gradually with all the running around you will be doing. Just enjoy!!

Personal Trainer North London said...

Not just a girl, a cute one as well. :)
I'm sure she'll provide a lot of motivation for your goals as well, no doubt there.

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